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About Me I Am My Best Resource

Web Designer – 24 Years

Digital Media Arts – 20 Years

Photographer – 30+ Years

Teacher – 14 Years

Soft Furnishings – 6 Years

Yoga Teacher – 3 Year

Market Stall Trading – 25+ Years

Aquarius – Since Birth


Hello! Im Miss Cake I’m a Web Designer, a Teacher, a Photographer and Digital Artist. 43 years old, currently living in Bristol. I am originally from Devon, and I have lived and worked in all over the South of the UK, mainly in Devon, Brighton, Bristol and London.

Ive studied many subjects, including Media Arts and Popular Culture at Plymouth University, Digital Media Arts and completed my MA in Design at Brighton University. In 2012 I became a qualified teacher and achieved my PGCE in Art and Design at Northbrook College in Worthing. I am always looking forward to studying more, and very much look forward to doing my PHD one day. In 2014 I completed a TEFL course to teach English as a Foreign Language, and I qualified as a Yoga Teacher in 2018.

Web Design

My enthusiasm for designing websites started when I was 20 years old, I have tried and tested many different platforms for creating websites, keeping up to date with the changes of today’s technology. Most of my teaching involves helping clients, students and artists to get themselves online and create a portfolio to showcase themselves to the world. The majority of my clients over the years have been Start Up Businesses and Creative Professionals.

Most websites require the owner to know and understand how to create the content required for each website; images, graphics, videos, animations, logos, banners and the use of audio and sound. Teaching clients, students and businesses how to create and build their own website and content, is my main aim. Which then means students and clients can update it and continue to work on their websites without further assistance. This gives the client or student complete control and full autonomy on what happens with their business, website and projects after I have finished designing and giving tuition for each website.


Teaching and learning is my passion, I always wanted to teach and have 12 years experience. I specifically decided to qualify as a teacher so I could teach people who need extra special help and guidance, people who have had a hard time growing up, people who are in the system of pupil referral units, young offenders, prisons, and looked after children or teenagers. I have taught many different types of students, from 7 years old to 75 years old, and each students requirements are always different and unique.

Through my teaching and private tuition in London and the South East, I have taught may different subjects, including Web Design, Photoshop, Flash Animation, Stop Motion Animation, Film and Video Editing, Marketing and Promotion, Business Skills, Events Management, ICT, Functional Skills English, Maths and ICT.

Places I’ve taught for mainstream education include Northbrook College in Worthing, a PRU in Greenwich, a UTC school in Central London.

Teaching English as a Second Other language is something I decided to do by mixing up my skills and qualifications, teaching Digital Media Arts and Subject Specific English Language together. Having a qualification in ESOL aids teaching any subject in schools and colleges, because a lot of students don’t have English as their first language, understanding how to help students with their English and language is essential.

I have also qualified as a Yoga Teacher, this course was more about my own personal intensive rehabilitation, after many years of physical health problems, but also a subject I am getting more and more interested in each day. I wish to teach Yoga to anyone who has experienced long term health problems, it has been life changing for myself and I also know it can be for anyone I will teach.


Photography has been my passion since childhood. Ive always had a camera since 10 years old. My preferred subject matters are; up close and personal portraits of people, the naked human body, festivals, parties, events, sunsets and sunrises, protest photography and what I find the most fun to shoot is stop motion animation.

When photographing people, the closer the better, I love pictures with every little detail of a persons face and body, I like to photograph them in their natural state, when they are at their best, enjoying themselves, at a party or a festival, at home or on holiday. I used to own a website called Festival Photographer, after becoming a teacher, my photography has taken a back seat.

8 years ago in 2008 I started a photography project after a friend asked me to photograph her nude whilst she was 7 months pregnant. This was an awesome experience, and I felt very humbled to have been asked. I then went on to do one more of these photo-shoots with a friend of a friend. I would love to continue to do this, for pregnant women on a regular basis.

My Shop, Soft Furnishings and a Love of Fabrics.

I was taught basic sewing as a child, which is where I got my passion for second hand, vintage and recycled clothing, from my Mother. I inherited a large amount of vintage clothing and accessories about 10 years ago, from her, and have worked on various stalls at festivals, markets, carboot sales and vintage fairs since I was 14 years old. I wish to learn how to make my own clothing and accessories. I have many ideas, I just need to learn how.

In 2015 I completed a 1 year professional course in Home Décor and Soft Furnishings, and I started making pieces for my own home and a few friends. Curtains, blinds, lampshades, cushions and bedding are made using recycled and vintage fabrics, most of which has come from the vintage clothing and materials I inherited, some from charity shops, and other pieces from donations or found on the street. I hope to take to some of my Fabulous creations to festivals and markets one day.

I Love Learning and Creating just as much as I Love Teaching, as you may have guessed from reading about me 🙂

My Motto In Life Is: “If you are going to fall, fall forwards!”

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